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Our Philosophy

At ROAN, our mission is to create footwear that allows you to express your unique sense of style without compromising quality. Our hand-finished, full-grain leather footwear is functionally designed to accompany you daily. Join the journey to discover your path and walk with confidence. #roanfootwear


In a world dominated by fast fashion and sameness, we challenge you to stand apart. We take pride in our craft and dare to be free to work with genuine leathers and materials that bear the signatures of what a natural product should be. Our products have been hand finished, oiled or treated to be different from the norm. Like our footwear, we dare to be independent and different.

Unique Hand-Finishes

Stand out in our proprietary, layered, hand-finishes. Each leather shoe has up to 8 layers of handcrafted finishes to achieve the unique patina we are known for.

Full-Grain Leather

We use the highest quality materials to construct your footwear, delivering long-lasting shoes & boots.

Original Designs

Each hand-finished style is born with a sketch and a mission to guide you wherever the journey takes you.



We aim to create handcrafted products using the highest quality materials that stand out from the rest. Our original designs aid in expressing your unique sense of style. Our proprietary, layered hand finishes create a patina as extraordinary as you are.

Distinctive Design


Taking a que from our sister brand Bed|Stu we pride ourselves on our unique, exclusive hand-finishes. Our artful multi-step hand finish process gives each collection a distinct look we take pride in creating one layer at a time. We provide genuine leather footwear that is high quality and stylish at an affordable price.