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Our Philosophy

At ROAN, our mission is to encourage people to discover the unknown. We strive to inspire and offer a unique sense of style through our products. We craft functional leather shoes and boots to accompany you on your everyday adventures. We encourage you to join our journey to inspire. #DeterminedtoDiscover

Join Our Journey to Inspire

Whether it be learning a new skill, defining your own personal style, or climbing to the peak of a mountain, we want to challenge you to always strive to discover the unknown. When designing our products, we aim to experiment with different hand-finishes to create something truly unique, without compromising quality. Similarly, we encourage you to blaze your trail in confidence and to always be “Determined to Discover,” whatever that means to you.

Unique Hand-Finishes

Stand out in our proprietary, layered, hand-finishes. Each leather shoe has up to 8 layers of handcrafted finishes to achieve the unique patina we are known for.

High Quality Materials

We use the highest quality materials to accompany you on your everyday adventures.

Original Designs

Each hand-finished style is born with a sketch and a mission to guide you wherever the journey takes you.



We aim to create unique leather shoes and boots through our proprietary hand-finishes and original designs, so you can express your unique sense of style. We choose high quality materials so that you can tackle your everyday adventures with confidence.

Our Inspiration


One of our biggest sources of inspiration for our finishes and designs, is nature. The variety of landscapes, textures, and life experiences seem truly endless, which guide us to experiment with new hand-finishing techniques and combinations.